My life is an ever evolving journey


Every experience in my life is a chance for me to learn and grow. I was born in Syracuse, New York. The state where my parents left their past behind to take their shot at the American dream. I have two sisters and I am the middle child. I grew up in a melting pot of a town in East Hartford, Connecticut. Later in life, I went to college at Johnson & Wales in Rhode Island before beginning my career as a jack-of-all-trades in the world of the web. Now, I live in Massachusetts with my wife, son and puppy and there's never a dull moment.



My Childhood

The politician

As a child, my parents told me that I was very outgoing and would walk up to anyone, say "Hi, I'm David" and shake their hand. Not much has changed since then, I'm still eager to meet new people and get to know what makes them tick. It seems my little man is very similar to me, he's happy to give you a hug if you need to brighten your day.

The Athlete

Basketball, volleyball and now golf

I have been an athlete in various sports my entire life, playing pretty much any sport on non-icy land (I don't do well in the cold). Basketball and volleyball were my primary sports with volleyball being the sport that I played in college at Johnson & Wales University. I still play to this day but my new love is golf. It's always a different game and very hard to master but that's why I love it. 


Family Man

The true definition of a man

My life has changed so much since having a child. It's not just about me "conquering the world" anymore. It's about me attempting to do that while setting the best example for your child(ren) that you can. Everyday, I consider my actions, my body language and ways of speaking as an opportunity to shape my son into a better version of the man that my parents created in me. I'm so proud of him with every little accomplishment along the way and look forward to the days where we can have full-fledged conversations like my father and I had once I was old enough.


an advocate for the user

My travels as a designer have taken me in many different directions from Flash designer out of college, to a hybrid designer/developer role with Lycos to User Experience designing for various companies over the past seven years. 

I'm currently working for Mercer as a Lead UX Designer, leading internal and cross-functional teams in gathering requirements, writing persona documentation, creating flow maps and wireframes, as well as conducting user testing.