Allow me to reintroduce myself

I'm an award winning UX/UI Designer and Design System Manager with over 15 years experience building UI Kits to Multi-branded systems. Keep scrolling to learn more about me or jump ahead to the design system goods.

The man under the hat

I'm David and I've managed design systems for two #1 ranked organizations in their industry.

While doing this I've won iF Design awards as a Senior UX/UI designer for Signify, with 2 years experience as a Product Owner for Color Kinetics.

When I started in this industry

There was a site called CSS Zen Garden (I can't believe the site is still live) that made me wonder what else was possible with a single code base and CSS styling.

Then frameworks started to become a trend with UI kits soon to follow and now design systems are everywhere with support from major design tools.

Now, I've managed 3 different design systems that help designers be more efficient, solve more problems and have more time to be creative.

This is the area of design I love the most. I got to work with some amazing teams to put together internal solutions that were highly successful.

Take a look at my design systems experience as a manager and lead designer, as a solo designer and as part of two brilliant design system teams.

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Let's talk

I'm located in Massachusetts and would be happy to chat with you about design opportunities.

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