what i do

Working on a multitude of projects keeps me going.

As a UX designer, I love working on multiple workstreams, across various topics, and learning new tools and tactics. Below are some of my different areas of expertise.



My focus has been around framework design, responsive design and user testing.

Video Editing

Video & Content Creation

I enjoy all types of content creation, most recently focusing on visual and digital storytelling through videos.


Dev & Graphic Designer

At times I've been called upon to be a front-end developer and visual designer.

It's how I got my start.

PRODUCT design

UX design is my first love but it's time to evolve.

I've been working as a UX Designer, for the over 15 years and I absolutely love what I do. It's essential to learn and grow in a digital design career which is constantly changing - but what I am most looking forward to in my next role is the opportunity to lead. As Chis Do says, "...you learn more when you teach".

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recent work

Enjoy some work i've recently finished.

Here are some of my highlighted projects that I'm most excited to share. And if your interested check out the rest of my portfolio ›

Product Design

Case Study: Guided Shopping Experience

This case study highlights the work my team and I did when redesigning the benefits selection process for employees.

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Product Design

Drafty: UX/UI Kit

A kit built to help UX/Product Designers to build quicker by creating set of modules that can change from low to mid to high fidelity with a click of a button.

The goal of building this kit was to allow designers to think about structure and ideas first, then content and lastly adding in the basic visuals from our framework library.

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Video / Content Creation

NEHRA Conference

This video was on display on televisions in common areas as people were able to network during the conference.

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Design & Dev

Visual Design and front-end development

When I started in the industry, I started out as a Flash Designer / Animator using ActionScript. Then, I landed at Lycos where I started as a front-end developer and worked my way into being a hybrid designer. During that time, I became a champion for the user and worked at a couple of different jobs as a UX Designer / Product Designer where I could combine all my skills to benefit the user / client.

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What I love

Some other things I really love & like

My hobbies

When I'm not working, I love getting outdoors with my family, friends or on my own. In my spare time, I love to golf, play basketball and occasionally play video games (sometimes live streaming). My kids are obsessed with indoor trampoline parks and I have fun with it too. If you want to talk about a project, argue about sports or anything else, feel free to reach out!

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