A little more about me

I'm a family man
2 great boys
An amazing wife
and our loveable Shih tzu

It all started in '84

I was born to two kids from Puerto Rico who moved to the United States to get their American dreams underway.

I grew up loving video games, computers & marketing

Went to school and was inspired by great minds

And even had time to be a collegiate athlete!

Now, I coach my kids sports teams, challenge them to around the world, fisher price hoop horse and wrestling matches.

Watch them come up with some of the funniest things, do things I never knew they had in them or push them to be thoughtful and to never give up on themselves.

I love exploring new technology and am diving into AI as much as I can. As a content creator and designer trying to learn new skills all the time and stay current, having a good grasp of AI is paramount.

In sports, I'm called a student of the game. That's the type of guy you're getting if you work with me, I've got a constant curiosity about current technology and design practices or techniques.

Let's talk

I'm located in Massachusetts and would be happy to chat with you about design opportunities.

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