Color Kinetics: iPlayer 4

iPlayer 4 is Color Kinetics light system controller. It's intended to be used when controlling lighting for medium to large scale setups. From restaurants, architectural landmarks, to bridges and more. Users can control their light system set up through CK OS, the operating system that comes loaded onto each device sold.

This web-based software offers content control, scheduling, keypad management and a variety of personal settings per authenticated user.

Project Lead UX/UI Designer (2020 - 2024)
Product Owner (2021-2023)
Content Creation & Marketing (2024)

As a Lead Designer

I was part of a multi-functional team that built this software using the Angular framework. This is web software  The software was launched in February 2024 as the flagship to Color Kinetics: Content Creation Portfolio.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Run research with internal and external users, distill insights and provide team with guidance on what functionality needs to be addressed
  • Create mind maps, user flow and interaction design workflows in Figma
  • Facilitate workshops for working through persona creation, review user feedback and roadmap new functionality
  • Produce final designs in Figma ensuring smooth handoff with developers
  • Present & demo software to board of executives, C-suite level members and key stakeholders

As a Product Owner

For a two-year stretch, I managed the CK Software team as a product owner. I was still operating in my primary role of Lead UX/UI Designer at the same time.

My team ran on-time and on-budget for our project workload. I faced challenges with capabilities where some parts were not coming back as designed but eventually were able to fix the problems and get back on track.

The implementation of a QA role on our team ensured that designs and workflows were being implemented as designed. This project was a bit more challenging to estimate but once I got a feel for our team's actual velocity, I was able to more accurately set PI goals and tasks.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create long term & short term roadmaps
  • Create user stories in JIRA (following SAFe standards)
  • Monitor burn down charts and report on team efficiency
  • Set tasks for individual contributors on team (ranging from architecture, design, C++ developers, Angular developers and Flutter developers
  • Present during PI events and demos
  • Present & demo software to board of executives, C-suite level members and key stakeholders

As a Content Creator and Marketing Teammate

In 2024, I joined the marketing team with a formal stretch assignment but had been creating content over the course of the project before making things more official.  

Key Responsibilities:

  • Created branded splash screens for all CK Software products
  • Created YouTube video thumbnails to accompany video uploads
  • Animated a variety of video content from show room teasers, to market launch videos, to tutorial content and product demos sometimes using AI for voice over content or recording my own personal voice overs.
  • Collaborated with technical writer to come up with launch plan for Instagram and LinkedIn posts
  • Assisted in creation of digital assets for Instagram and LinkedIn posts including some parts of the copy

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